Dit Da Jow, The Mysterious Healing Liniment

Authentic Dit Da Jow

By Dr. Nick,

Dit Da Jow is something most people have never heard of, or can even pronounce. But it has been around for over a thousand years in China.Starting in the Shaolin Temple then over the years the formula (Shaolin Tie Die Yao Xiang Jing) has been passed down helping people heal from, bruises, sprains and other conditions(see below). If you are involved in Martial Arts like Kung Fu you probably have heard of it or are using it currently. If you are new to Dit Da Jow this article will explain the basics of Dit Da Jow and how it can benefit you.

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Dit Da Jow Liniment Kit Shaolin Tie Die Yao Xiang Jing

Authentic Dit Da Jow

Dit Da Jow has been used for the following:

  • Bruises
  • Sprains
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Poor Circulation
  • Raynauds Symptoms
  • Muscle Pain
  • Shin Splints

Authentic Dit Da Jow is, a blend of Chinese herbs, that are combined together and soaked in a GLASS jar with alcohol, preferably Vodka generally for 3-4 weeks after that a little is taken out for daily use and the bulk is left to macerate. Glass must be used, for ideas on finding the right glass jar click here.

Our kits are made with the finest herbs and are meticulously made fresh per each order received. We prepare the herbs so the kit is ready to prepare upon arrival. Contrary to what you might think or have read the herbs in Dit Da Jow must be prepared properly, some need to be ground to a powder, some need to be bruised and some need to be whole.

We prepare the kits the Old School way using a Mortar and Pestle to grind certain herbs to their proper consistency. I was privileged and fortunate enough to work in a Chinese Herbal Pharmacy in Chicago’s Chinatown in the late 1990’s alongside one of the best Chinese Herbalists to come out of China and learned the proper way to handle and prepare herbs.

A lot of Dit Da Jow kits purchased online today are just herbs thrown in a bag without any preparation. Below is a example of how prepare a couple of herbs.

Ru Xiang

This is Ru Xiang most Dit Da Jow kits just add this herb as is, we do not!

Ru Xiang Ground For Dit Da Jow

We use a Mortar and Pestle to grind down the herb.

Ru Xiang

Here is Ru Xiang ready to be added to the Dit Da Jow Kit







Purchasing a kit that is all powdered will just make a clump of worthless herbs in a jar, preventing a proper extraction for external use(more information on this below). Also if the herbs are ground with a high powered motorized grinder, the heat from the blades can diminish the power of the herb due to the heat of the blade during rotation causing damage to the herb.

Mo Yao for Dit Da Jow

This is Mo Yao, a chunky stone like resin herb, most kits today add as is, we do not!

Mo Yao Ground For Dit Da jow

We grind down the Mo Yao to the right consistency by hand.

Mo Yao Ground down for dit da jow

Here is the Mo Yao ground down and ready to be added to the Authentic Dit Da Jow kit.









Mo Yao and Ru Xiang

We get asked a lot the differences between Mo Yao and Ru Xiang two very important herbs that are pictured above and part of the Dit Da Jow Liniment kitand we have covered those questions below.

Ru Xiang and Mo Yao are aromatic herbs. They are very bitter and pungent, and move quickly. They can strongly disperse congealed Blood and direct it to descend, open up the meridians and collaterals, and are very effective for relieving pain. The two herbs are often used together to enhance the therapeutic effect. In clinical practice, they are often applied to reduce pain and swelling in trauma, arthritis and fractures.

Ru Xiang is warm and pungent, and enters the Heart and Liver meridians. Compared with Mo Yao, it promotes not only the Blood circulation, but also the Qi movement. It can also relax tendons. Ru Xiang is especially suitable for conditions where the joints and muscles are very stiff, swollen and painful.

It is also more often used topically than Mo Yao. Mo Yao is neutral and it enters the Liver meridian. Compared with Ru Xiang, it is more bitter and its dispersing action is also stronger. This herb is stronger than Ru Xiang for breaking up congealed Blood and is used not only in trauma and fracture, but also for hard masses, such as tumors.

Chi Shao

We use Chi Shao in our Dit Da Jow kits which is red peony root versus Bai Shao a lesser expensive herb which is white peony root, below we explain why we use the more expensive herb.

Chi Shao Yao and Bai Shao Yao come from similar plants. Both are cold in nature and enter the blood and the Liver meridian. Because Chi Shao Yao is cold and bitter, it is able to reduce Liver-Heat as well as Heat in the blood better than Bai Shao which is weaker. It has a dispersing property that also invigorates the blood and removes congealed blood, and is therefore often used for treating pain due to blood stagnation caused by trauma.

Scientific studies have shown that two other key herbal ingredients in our Dit Da Jow have ethnopharmacological relevance, Persicae Semen (Tao Ren) and Carthami Flos (Hong Hua) used in pair which is named as Taoren-Honghua (TH)  has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for promoting blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis for many years in China.

One such study  provided scientific information proving the mechanism(s) of TH and its main components in activating blood circulation to dissipate blood. It may also create valuable insight into the possible effects and utilization of TH and its components as a feasible alternative therapeutic agent for patients with hemorheological disorders. Scientic research show the herbal compounds of Dit Da Jow work.

All Kits Made With Great Care

We take pride in every kit we prepare and as mentioned above each kit is meticulously prepared as each order is received.  Guaranteeing each kit arrives to you fresh. If for any reason you are not happy with your kit when you receive it, return it it to us for a prompt refund.

Our Kits Make 144 Ounces (4.25 Liters) of Liniment

You can order our Authentic Dit Da Jow Kit that makes over ONE GALLON of liniment (4.25 Liters) most kits sold make one or two liters which is one or two quarts, ours is over a GALLON! Of course you will need a large glass jar and we discuss some options toward the end of this post.


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External Application

This external only liniment is applied to any injured or bruised area and healing the area by removing blood stagnation and making the bruise disappear quickly.

This was discovered by the Shaolin Monk herbalists to help heal injuries sustained in training or combat. You can order The Best Dit Da Jow Recipe online already made, but it is best to order in kit form and make it yourself.

If you do buy Dit Da Jow already made, make sure it is packaged in a glass container. Authentic Dit Da Jow packaged in a plastic bottle is no good since it will leach out the plastic chemicals from the bottle and make the Dit Da Jow worthless, and possibly hazardous, always use GLASS.

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The theory behind Dit Da Jow and it’s amazing healing powers is based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). When someone sustains a injury, the Qi is blocked and blood can not travel properly through the injured area, hence pain and what they call blood stagnation.

Dit Da Jow opens up the flow of blood and Qi to promote healing, plus some of the herbs in the formula take away pain and discomfort. I have seen it take bruises away in less than a day, just amazing stuff. This also great for people who bruise easy, besides healing the bruise it strengthens the underlying blood vessels so you don’t bruise as easily next time. If you train in any contact sport or just bruise all the time this for you.

Read How Dit Da Jow is Great For Shin Splints
The best way to use Dit Da Jow if you are training in the martial arts is to apply some to the areas of the body that are going to make contact, lets say if your punching a bag or makawari apply some to your hands prior to training like 20 to 30 minutes, then apply some more right after training, just enough to fill your palm should be sufficient. If you are kicking a bag then apply some to your shins and apply enough to cover, the contact area.

Always apply in a downward motion in the direction toward the tips of your extremities

For the everyday person who bruises easily apply twice a day morning and night on the areas you need. I have found it is best to apply and let air dry instead wiping it with a cloth, this will allow for more of the Dit Da Jow to penetrate the skin and help the healing process.

A couple important tips to making a very powerful Dit Da Jow is to store your glass jar in a dark cool place out of sunlight, the suns rays will weaken the liniment significantly, so place your jar in a cabinet, pantry or closet.Shaking the jar several times a day for the first month or so then shaking several times week speeds up the extraction process.

Hundreds of years back a clay pot was used and it was buried in the ground for several months and in some cases for over five years before it was unearthed and used. The longer the herbs sit the stronger it became, back at that time they used rice wine, since vodka was not available so sitting for a longer period was beneficial for a stronger Jow. Since vodka is available today it provides a faster extraction process if the liniment is shaken often.


After 3-4 weeks take some of your Dit Da Jow and place in a small glass jar(6-8 oz) for daily use, straining is not necessary use a ladle and funnel or turkey baster to add into your jar.

Generally, Dit Da Jow is not used on broken skin or cuts, check with your supplier before applying to any skin that has been cut or broken. When using the Jow as mentioned above, apply liberally and let air dry for best results.

If you are pregnant you should consult with your doctor before using.

For serious injuries make a poultice with cheesecloth and wrap with plastic around the wounded area. Soak the cheesecloth enough so it is saturated but not dripping, leave on as long as possible. The plastic will slow down the evaporation and allow the Jow to soak in the skin more efficiently.

 Our customers have been telling us since we started selling Dit Da Jow  back 1992, that we provide the most powerful authentic Dit Da Jow Liniment Kit they have used and we are proud to say that they are still our customers to this day. Our authentic formula goes by the name Shaolin Tie Die Yao Xiang Jing translated it means Shaolin Strong As Iron Fragrant Essence Medicine”. This formula is by far the best Dit Da Jow Kit online.


Some of the reasons why are:

  • No Synthetic Herbs-We do not use synthetic camphor like most companies or other synthetic products
  • All Our Kits Are made Fresh Per Order-No Kits are sitting around losing potency
  • All Herbs Are Pesticide, Chemical And Insect Free
  • All Kits Prepared By A Experienced Herbalist
  • Authentic Traditional Formula Not A Modified Version, This Formula Heals Injuries Fast
  • All Our Kits Are Prepared Fresh And Ready For You to Prepare, No Grinding Of Herbs Required
  • Not One Unsatisfied Customer in 25 Years
  • Our Guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy with your kit when you receive it, return it to us for a prompt refund
Important! Our kits use a higher quantity of herbs than anybody on the internet, if the original recipe called for 9 grams of herbs we use 30+ grams. We take into consideration what the human body is today, compared to the Asian population 500+ years ago, we are bigger, stronger and faster now.

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In Martial Arts, when you are training either MMA, Muay Thai,Wing Chun Kung Fu just to name a few styles where there is plenty of contact, Authentic Dit Da Jow liniment is a absolute must.

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Our GuaranteeWe have been selling The best Dit Da Jow recipe for over 22 years and feel we sell the most powerful authentic Dit Da Jow online, but if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase after you receive it, return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

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This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Dit Da Jow and Pain

Pain and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The basic statement about pain, formed almost two thousand years ago in TCM it was stated “if there is free flow, there is no pain; however, if there is a disruption of this free flow then pain occurs”. Here ‘free flow’ refers to the free flow of Qi and Blood. The circulation of Qi and Blood in the body should be constant, just like the continual courses of the sun and moon.

Dit Da Jow The Ultimate Qi Mover

Dit Da Jow was created for the free flow of Qi in the body to heal and at the same time reduce pain. According to TCM, this circulation depends upon the correct, interdependent functioning of the Zang-Fu organs, including the Lung, Heart, Liver and Kidney. The Lung disperses Qi to every part of the body, and also connects to the blood vessels, thus keeping the Qi and Blood circulating freely in the body. The Heart is in charge of promoting the circulation of Blood in their Vessels.

The Liver is in charge of keeping the Qi circulating freely, which in turn keeps the Blood circulating freely. The circulation of Liver-Qi also promotes the digestive functions of the Spleen and Stomach, and this keeps the water passages clear, so preventing the accumulation of Damp in the body.

The Kidney is the root of Yang Qi, which warms the Qi and Blood to maintain their free circulation. Moreover, the Kidney also produces Yuan Qi or Original Qi, which is the root energy for all the Zang-Fu organs. Where there is dysfunction of any of these organs, due to the various kinds of pathogenic factors discussed earlier, there will be retardation of the Qi and Blood circulation, eventually causing pain.

It should now be clear that pain is mainly a result of disturbances in the Qi and Blood circulation, and may be caused by stagnation of Qi and Blood, or deficiency of Qi and Blood-but why does this disturbance of Qi and Blood flow cause pain?

Which organ is in charge of pain? The reason was stated clearly,two thousand years ago, in the Simple question: ‘all kinds of pain, itching and sores are due to Heart disorder’ (Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. Why did the ancient texts attribute pain to the Heart? This can be explained as follows. The Heart promotes normal Blood circulation in the Zang-Fu organs, Blood Vessels, channels and the tissues. Where the Qi and Blood circulation are disordered, a disturbed feedback will be sent to the Heart. In other words, one can say that the Heart is constantly sensitive to the condition of the Qi and Blood circulation.

Dit Da Jow’s herbal components travel the Heart and Pericardium meridians keeping those meridians and channels flowing smoothly. Modern medicine considers that pain is the body’s way of responding to damaged tissue. For instance, when a bone breaks, nerves send pain messages through the spinal cord to the brain, where they are interpreted. The TCM viewpoint is that pain is the reflection of the Mind (Shen) to the stimulation from the environment, and the activity of the Mind is considered to be the result of physiological function of the Heart.

When the Qi and Blood circulation are disturbed, this situation will be conveyed to the Heart, and the pain that follows is a response from the Mind to this situation. According to this viewpoint, pain is closely related to the Heart. How a person responds to pain is determined by many factors, of which emotional states are very important. For example, depression seems to increase a person’s perception of pain and to decrease the ability to cope with both the pain and the treatment. Thus treating the depression treats the pain as well. If pain is not adequately treated, then pain impulses are more readily transmitted to the brain.

Therefore, in TCM it is considered that it is more effective to prevent pain than to treat it after it occurs. In terms of the relationship between the emotions, the interior organs and the Heart, TCM holds that the Heart dominates the emotions and is the root controller of other Zang-Fu organs. For instance, the famous doctor Ling Shu states: ‘the Heart is the root controller for five Zang organs and six Fu organs, therefore the Heart will be disturbed by grief and meditation’.

All these statements clearly mention that the Heart can be influenced by the dysfunction of other Zang-Fu organs as well the difference emotions, and this may lead to the development of pain. Authentic Dit Da Jow travels thru all 12 Meridians with emphasis on the Heart,Pericardium Liver, Spleen, and Kidney Meridians, by doing so Qi is able to flow freely thus allowing healing to occur and pain to disappear.

Key Actions Of Dit Da Jow

There are 4 different degrees of action for moving blood and breaking up of blood stasis when using Dit Da Jow, they are as follows:
1st Tonifiy and move blood.
2nd Break up and disperse accumulation in blood stasis.
3rd Unblock the channels and collaterals, and break up accumulation caused by blood stagnation and blood stasis.
4th Invigorate blood circulation and relieve pain.

The blend of different herbs extracted with alcohol enables the above actions and creating a unique healing liniment that one can use for a variety of trauma related injuries.

Jar Ideas


As mentioned above when making your own Dit Da Jow using a glass jar is of utmost importance so your Dit Da Jow Liniment does not become contaminated while extracting, plastic containers leech chemicals. A few customers who purchase our Dit Da Jow kit have a difficult time finding a glass jar with a lid that seals properly. So I took a few pictures on where I buy my jars at a great price and it includes free pickles. I go to Sam’s club and for $4.12 I get the perfect jar and some pickles thrown in. After you empty the jar, wash with hot water and soap, let dry and you are ready to use.

Dit Da Jow Jar Possibility

Pickle Jars are perfect for using to prepare Dit Da Jow

Jar for Dit Da Jow, Just Eat The Pickles First

This pickle jar cost $4.12 at Sam’s Club, can’t beat it for your Dit Da Jow needs.

Cheap Dit Da Jow Jar

If you want a clamp down type Glass Jar check out the Bormioli line of Jars At Amazon

Quite a few customers have emailed me and said they purchased the Bormioli Clamp Down Jars and are very happy with them so I posted a few links for you to take a look and order if you wish. I purchased several myself and they are high quality.

Another Jar to consider especially if you want a Five Liter Jar or larger are these Herb Extraction Jars. These Jars come in Three, Five and Eight Liter sizes. There is also a twelve Liter jar available. Pictured below is the eight Liter Jar.
eight liter herb extraction glass jarEight liter glass jar for herbal extraction
This particular 8L jar has a opaque plastic seal that goes under the twist on cap. This sealer is supposed to be leech free but I still place 2 pieces of wax paper on top of the jar then I snap on the seal. This insures no liniment touches the seal when shaking, this is just something I do before twisting on the cap. Even if the liniment does touch the seal it is not enough contact to cause a problem, the bottom part of the jar is the sensitive area. Below is how it looks.

Top Of 5 liter Jar

I placed 2 small pieces of wax paper on top of the glass jar then pressed on the opaque seal, the last step is screwing on the cap, pictured below.

5liter Herb Extraction jar with Dit Da Jow


Vodka Extraction By Maceration


The purpose for extraction is to draw out an herb’s unique organization of chemical components along with its distinctive energetic virtues we need for healing, and render these organic idiosyncrasies into a form that is more easily absorbable, more concentrated and more convenient to apply than the original unprocessed form of the plant. Maceration, or soaking a plant in alcohol, is performed to draw into a liquid solution the soluble constituents of the plant.

When a freshly harvested plant is dried, the moisture present in the tissues evaporates. The walls of the cells and the ducts shrink, and at the same time the substances inside the cells previously held in solution by the water crystallize or dry to a solid amorphous mass.

Later, when this dehydrated plant is immersed in alcohol also known as a menstruum, the above process is reversed. In this instance, the menstruum is absorbed, causing the cells to swell and break, leading to direct contact with the menstruum and the soluble materials inside the cells go back into solution. That is why certain herbs should not be powdered when makingl Dit Da Jow since you lose some of the constituents we need for external use.

That is why we stress shaking the jar a couple of times per day during the first 4 weeks, this speeds up the extraction process and also pulls more constituents and molecular compounds from the herbs into the liniment.

When purchasing your vodka you do not need the most expensive brand, any vodka that is 40% alcohol and 80 proof is perfect. Below is a photo of 1.75 liter bottle of vodka I purchased for $7.99 which I’m sure you can find if you shop around at your discount grocery or liquor store.

Vodka for Dit Da Jow

Any Brand On Sale Is Fine For Dit Da Jow

Some customers prefer Gin to use and that is fine since it is 40% alcohol 80 proof, you can use either one, they both will extract the constituents and compounds from the herbs. 40 % alcohol is a preferred percentage since it does not evaporate to fast thus allowing the Dit Da Jow to be absorbed transdermally.

Update September 2015: Dit Da Jow Is A Bruise Liniment

Dit Da Jow

Authentic Dit Da Jow Is For Bruises.

We receive countless emails asking us if Dit Da Jow is the same as a Iron Palm liniment. So we wanted to clarify this. It seems there are websites selling and promoting liniments that are for Iron Palm training but still refer to them as Dit Da Jow. They are not the same and have different healing properties.

Authentic Dit Da Jow was created to heal bruises, sprains, contusions, hematomas, reduce swelling and heal other trauma type injuries. Dit Da Jow is also good for sore muscles also referred to as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and acts as a pain reliever for the above mentioned injuries.

Authentic Iron Palm is for bones, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue and pain.

Below are a couple of photos of bruises/hematomas.

Iron Palm liniment on the other hand was created to strengthen and heal bones, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue and sinew from all types of repetitive contact exercises like hitting a punching bag, makawara board, all types of Iron Palm bags or if you are advanced enough in training where you are breaking objects like brick, boards, etc. Another proponent of Iron Palm is the ability to reduce pain

These liniments are different in their makeup with a few crossover herbs. Their healing properties are different but can be used together for serious injuries when there is bruising and strained or injured joints, ligaments, tendons, etc.

We get asked a lot can I just use one liniment for all types of injuries and it is a difficult question to answer the closest liniment that could do this is Tie Ba Zhang Jow, also a Dit Da Jow/Iron Palm formula called Yangshang Tieda Yao will be available soon as a kit that has the healing properties of both.You can also purchase a Dit Da Jow kit and a Iron Palm kit and have two liniments that can heal most injuries if the need arises.

If for example you fall down some stairs and get bruised up the Dit Da Jow would be the answer or let’s say you bang your knee on the side of your end table you might use the Iron Palm for that. Having the flexibility of choosing which liniment to use depending on the situation is priceless.

Now if you have a hematoma and severely sprained and stretched ligaments let’s from a badly sprained ankle, which I have encountered many times playing basketball then a mixture of both liniments combined together is a great way to heal that injury fast.

So please keep in mind the differences in each liniment as it applies to your needs, you can visit our Iron Palm page HERE.

We offer a special price on ordering both kits, click here if you wish to find out more information about our special offer.

Two more informative posts about the differences between the two liniments are below, the first one is HERE.

And the second one is HERE.

Interested In A American Herb Dit Da Jow Click Here

Our Liniments Are Full Spectrum

If you notice in our photos or videos, we provide you with the whole herb and not just one part of it or a kit that is all powdered. This enables you to make a Full Spectrum liniment. Full Spectrum is the ability to extract all the chemical constituents from the herbs and not just one constituent or molecular compound from the herb.

Let me give you a example, one key herb in most Dit Da Jow formulas is Chi Shao, using the entire herb gives you the constituents: Paeoniflorin, allifprin, oxypaeoniflorin, paeonol and paeonin. All of them work together to eliminate blood stagnation.

Unfortunately there are herb suppliers who sell only the outer portion or the dust of the herb. Technically it is Chi Shao but really a worthless portion, they do not contain all of the above constituents. Some vendors of Dit Da Jow and other liniments purchase this because it is very cheap and they use them in their kits.

I personally was in a herb factory in Shenyang China and saw them packaging the dust remnants of the herb Huang Qi( Astragali Radix). When I asked why they were doing this, they said it was because that is what the customer wanted and they tried to dissuade the customer to no avail. So never purchase a kit that is all powdered or in very tiny pieces, you really do not know what your getting.

We always purchase our herbs whole and not powdered or in small pieces. If a herb is required to be powdered we do it manually insuring our customers the best possible liniment kit.

Dit Da Jow And Maceration

Dit Da Jow is made using the principle of extraction by maceration. What this means is the herbs are soaked in a solvent and in our case the solvent is Vodka. A solvent is any liquid that comes in contact with the herbs by soaking.

The solvent could be water but water does not pull the alkaloidal constituents out of the herbs as well as alcohol does especially because of the resinous herbs in the Dit Da Jow formula and it can also spoil in a short period of time. In the laboratory the solvent is also called the Menstruum.

We use Vodka as the solvent to make Dit Da Jow because it pulls all the constituents and molecular compounds out of the herbs and does not spoil over time. The solvent could be anywhere from 40% and up but if it is to high it will evaporate very fast when it is applied on the skin not allowing proper absorption of the Dit Da Jow through the skin.

We do not use rubbing alcohol because it can be toxic if used excessively and as mentioned above evaporates to quickly because of the high alcohol content which by the way is to high for some herbs for proper extraction.

The Dit Da Jow herbs are placed in a vessel preferably glass and the solvent is added. Generally a large pickle jar or a Bormioli glass jar works very well As the herbs are soaking you have just started the maceration process.

In a short period of time the solvent gets absorbed by the herbs expanding the cellular walls of the herbs thus starting the extraction of the healing compounds. The Dit Da Jow herbs that now are soaking are called in scientific terms the “Marc”. it also has been referred to as the dregs.


A critical phase of the extraction process is agitation which is the shaking of your jar. Without agitation you will not pull all the compounds out of the herbs. By shaking the jar the herbs are moved around in the solvent allowing it to release the constituents and compounds needed for a strong Dit Da Jow.

The first 3-4 weeks are vital. This is the time when you pull out the most molecular compounds. Shaking the jar frequently during this time will yield a stronger Dit Da Jow than if you waited a month and started the agitation process.

A question that is always asked is do I strain out the liniment and throw out the herbs (Marc) after 4 weeks. The answer is no, the herbs still have not exhausted all of their constituents.It can take months or years before the herbs are completely 100% exhausted.

You can exhaust the herbs of their compounds faster if you shake your jar twice daily for 4-6 months. The jar should be shaken at least 2 minutes each time. Most people do not have the time to do this so it is best to leave the herbs soaking.

If you do have the time and you constantly shake your Dit Da Jow, then after 6 months you can strain the Dit Da Jow into another glass jar AND you must take the Marc out and place it in cheesecloth or a large muslin bag and start pressing out the liniment from the herbs. The higher the pressure the better so you can release everything from the herbs.

Whatever you release you can add in with your jar containing the strained Dit Da Jow. At this point you can throw out the Marc and you are finished.

If you want you can bottle up your Dit Da Jow in small bottles making sure they are labeled. Make sure you write on the labels do not drink and possibly draw a skull and crossbones on the label.
Always keep out of reach of children!

If your Dit Da Jow is going to be kept out where it will get hit with some sunlight use dark bottles. It is good practice to keep your Dit Da Jow out direct sunlight at all times if possible.

Ready Made Dit Da Jow

Most of us are anxious to start using a new purchase, unfortunately when purchasing a Authentic Dit Da Jow kit you need to wait at least 3-4 weeks before using.

To remedy that situation we have available aged Dit Da Jow ( 3years+) in one, two and four ounce GLASS bottles for those who would like to start using Dit Da Jow right away.

Just like our Dit Da Jow kits each bottle is prepared prior to shipping so no bottle is sitting on the shelf waiting for a customer.

This insures that each bottle contains a constantly aged powerful product. In addition we make sure that each bottle contains some sediment(also referred to as the Marc or dregs) from the main aged batch. See Photo Below

We also add in some extra Camphor(Zhang Nao) in each bottle to increase its effectiveness even more. The Zhango Nao will dissolve into the liniment, this can take anywhere from 1-3 days. See Photo Below

Authentic Dit Da Jow

Each freshly prepared bottle of Authentic Dit Da Jow contains some marc(sediment).

East Meets West Dit Da Jow

Notice the Camphor floating at the top, this is added to each bottle.

East Meets West Dit Da Jow

Dit Da Jow bottled in glass versus plastic insures no chemicals leeching into your liniment.








I do not know of any company that offers this service. Most Dit Da Jow sold is bottled in plastic and has been prepackaged months or years in advance with no visible marc.

If you are interested in ordering some of our ready made freshly glass bottled Dit Da Jow and you live in the United States you can order below with FREE SHIPPING!
International customers please email us for pricing.

Glass Bottled Authentic Dit Da Jow| Free Shipping |Size Options

Step By Step Guide To Make Your Dit Da Jow

In the series of photos below we will will show you step by step on how to prepare your Dit Da Jow or Iron Palm liniment kit.

Step 1

Step by step guide in preparing your Dit Da Jow, Step one
Lay your wrapping flat on your table and add the herbs into the jar. The jar pictured is a 5 liter Bormioli jar.

Step 2

Step by step guide on preparing your dit Da Jow, Step2
Add your first 1.75 liter bottle of Vodka, Gin will also work.

Step 3

Step by step guide on preparing your Dit Da Jow, Step three
Add your second 1.75 liter bottle of Vodka. If you purchased a Iron Palm kit the last picture shows the herbs added into the jar.

Step 4

Step by step guide on preparing your Iron Palm kit, step 4
After you add all your Iron Palm herbs into the jar, add your first 1.75 bottle of Vodka.

Step 5

Step by step guide in preparing your Iron Palm kit, step 5
Add your second 1.75 liter bottle of Vodka.

Step 6

Step by Step guide on preparing your Iron Palm Kit, step 6
Top off your jar with a little vodka if you wish, leaving about 2-3 inches of room from the top, this allows the herbs to move around when shaking, this is called agitation and is very important to speed up the extraction process.

Seal up your jar or jars and shake for a couple of minutes, do this each day for the first 3-4 weeks then shake a minimum of once or twice a week for a minute or two. Keep your jars out of the sun in a convenient location. Do not place near a furnace, hot water heater or other locations that throw off excess heat. I usually place my jars in a closet or in a cabinet.

That’s all their is to it, you just have seen each step necessary to make your Dit Da Jow or Iron Palm liniment. There are other more complicated ways to prepare your Dit Da Jow that requires multiple jars that might save you a weeks time, but this method is easy, requires only one jar and produces a vary powerful Dit Da Jow or Iron Palm Liniment.

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