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Everyday thousands of men suffer from this terrible affliction, prostatitis which is inflammation of the prostate gland, causes severe pain and discomfort in men, some of the symptoms include painful and burning urination, pain and discomfort in the testes and in some cases very painful ejaculation. Fortunately there is a couple of natural herbal formulas based on Chinese Medicine that stops Prostatitis in its tracks one is called Kai Kit Wan in Hong Kong and Qian Lie Xian in Mailand China the English name is Prostate Gland Pills, we will discuss the other formula in a moment.
Prostatitis relief
Doctors are quick to prescribe antibiotics such as Cipro and in most cases it helps short term but then the inflammation comes back with a vengeance. You go back to the doctor for more antibiotics or a stronger dose is used and the vicious cycle is repeated over and over again. Part of the problem is western medicine believes Prostatitis is a bacterial infection and Traditional Chinese Medicine has a different belief. Chinese Medicine has been very successful in treating Prostatitis.

When a person consumes to much antibiotics they actually can cause more harm than good, antibiotics do not discriminate on the type of bacteria that they kill, so they actually kill the good bacteria also known as flora, the good bacteria actually gives us a strong immune system, and most experts in the field of holistic medicine believe the immune system starts in the gut.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine also known as TCM for short, refers to Prostatitis as a heat and dampness condition in the lower burner, which is the area from the belly button down to the groin area. With a change of diet and a unique blend of herbs taken daily, one can eliminate the heat and dampness, and once that is eliminated, the inflammation and pain disappear. In another article I will describe what heat and dampness is in TCM and how we get it.
Dampness and heat in the lower burner is due to a Kidney energy deficiency where the yin and yang is out of balance, to bring them back in balance, you must first rid the lower burner of the heat and dampness and strengthen and balance the kidney energy.

As we mentioned above there is a formula that is several hundred years old that is called Kai Kit Wan( Qian Lie Xian), this classic Chinese Patent Formula has helped tens of thousands of men with Prostatitis over the years. The formula consists of herbs that help the body eliminate heat and dampness and thereby eliminating the inflammation, this herbal formula in conjunction with  strengthening and tonifying the kidney energy plus a change in eating habits is crucial for success which will come very quickly. By following these principles I personally have helped over two thousand men beat Prostatitis.

In China a scientific study was conducted using a suppository version. Qian Lie Xian Yan Suppository  was rectally applied to treat 104 patients with nonspecific chronic prostatitis (damp-heat syndrome with blood stasis) in contrast to 30 patients treated with traditional Chinese drug Ye Ju Hua Shuan Suppository of Flos Chrysanthemi Indici). The results show that chronic prostatitis is markedly improved by using Qian Lie Xian Yan suppository, with a short-term cure rate of 23.1% and a total effective rate of 84.6%, superior to that of the control group. The animal experiment indicates that Qian Lie Xian Yan suppository has better  anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, with an action of promoting blood circulation.

Another study with Nanmiqing capsules a less comprehensive version of Kai Kit Wan was conducted and the results were positive. Nanmiqing was an effective medicine for Chronic Prostatitis. The mechanism of clearing heat and resolving toxin, activating blood and removing stasis and reinforcing Qi in Chinese medicine could be the explanation of the positive treatment of Prostatitis.

Clearing heat and dampness plus activating blood and Qi flow is important but a few more key steps are also important.

Below are some quick tips to help, it is a two step process, and it works.

First, food you need to stop eating and drinking:

All hot and spicy foods

All shellfish


Refined Sugars

Red Meat


This is very important; avoiding the above will help the healing process very rapidly.

Drink plenty of Distilled Water and avoid tap water which contains chlorine and fluoride.

Distilled water can be purchased at most large supermarkets as well your big box retailers, like WM

If you have taken antibiotics, start taking probiotics like acidophillus.

The Second Step Is This Combination To Knock Out Prostatitis

A great combination of two formulas works wonders in eliminating Prostatitis and its symptoms, they are Kai Kit Wan to eliminate the heat and dampness condition and Jin Qui Shen Shi Wan to strengthen and balance the kidney energy. This is a very powerful set of natural herbal medicine with hundreds of years of success.

Without a strong balanced kidney energy you run the risk of the prostatitis returning. The kidneys are the guardians at the gate and protect the prostate and urinary system. Having weak guards cannot protect you. Remember that a strong and balanced kidney energy is key for a healthy prostate, urinary health and proper sexual function.

Both formulas of course are based on TCM and as I mentioned they have a long history of success. Generally one or two months is all that is needed to knock out Prostatitis.

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On some occasions we need to change the Kidney Yin and Yang formula after a month if the individual has suffered Prostatitis for a long time.
A good acupuncturist in conjunction with a good herbal remedy will also speed up the elimination of Prostatitis. When certain points are needled this opens up the Qi flow to help heal and also allow the properties of the herbs to enter the meridians and channels.

As with all information regarding health, please consult with your doctor or qualified health practitioner before embarking on a cure yourself course.

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Classic Chinese Formula for Prostatitis

Classic Chinese Remedy For Prostatitis

We have helped over 2000 men with Prostatitis over the years, below is a graphic from the website showing our company back in 1996 helping men with prostatitis. It’s like going back in a time machine, how time flies.
Prostatitis relief with Kai Kit Wan

As you can see helping men with Prostatitis is not new to us and to this day Kai Kit Wan and Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan are still helping men with this affliction, why suffer and be uncomfortable, order your months supply today and see results fast.





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Prostatitis Relief With Kai Kit Wan — 23 Comments

  1. Have had prostatitis due to bacterial infection for about 10 years now, do I really need acupuncturists and other herbs? or should just this should to the trick?

    • 10 years suffering from prostatitis? That is insane, you need to do something different than what you been doing since it isn’t working. I can’t tell you if anything will do the trick without knowing more information about you and your symptoms. Find a local natural health care professional like a acupuncturist, naturopath or herbalist for guidance.

      • Symptoms aren’t much and they have subsided, haven’t tried anything expect antibiotics in the first few years but the tests still show herbal medicine a shot to finally try and knock it out completely

        • Chinese Herbal Medicine does work but not overnight if you have a chronic condition. For example if you had prostatitis for 10 years it’s not going to disappear in one month but it will make it go away in time. If you want to give it a shot, I would order our special of Kai Kit Wan and Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan which is a one months supply for $65.00 including shipping if you live int the USA. This would be a good start.

  2. For 10 years now I have listened to my doctors about what they thought was wrong. I have had 4 major surgeries supposedly related to what was going on. Hip pain, bowel problems, burning when urinating, couldn’t urinate, major testicle pain (had 1 taken out but 8 months later pain came back in the other one) and was just about to lose the 2nd one.

    Decided I was tired of being cut on and treated for things that were not wrong. Searched the web for a couple of days and found kai kit wan. Ordered some and 3 days after starting the pain was about 50% of normal. Went online to order some more and found eastmeetswest and Nick’s suggested combination of Kai Kit Wan pack with Ji Kui Shen Qi Wan. Took both bottles exactly as Nick suggested. I feel as good as I did 10 years ago.

    I have not taken any for about 1 week and still have no pain in testicle or urinating problems. As far as I am concerned this is the best way to go. Not only is it natural but it actually works.

    Thank you so much Nick.

  3. Just a quick note. I had pretty severe case of prostatitis that was very stressful. I followed what Nic suggest with the Kai Kit Wan pack with Ji Kui Shen Qi Wan, and am much better today. This worked for me, and I highly recommend it. Thanks Nic,

    • The Kai Kit(green box) is for what you described, we do not ship to Egypt due to import permits and other itrms required with each shipment over 20 Egyptian pounds.

  4. Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2014 09:12:21 +0300
    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from chronic bacteria prostatitis (esbl coli)with prostate calcification since two years , Kindly which is the most effective treatment can be cure my prostatitis .

  5. I had tried Kai Kit Wan with a different company without any results but tried yours and it worked very well, this might be difficult to answer but why do you think that is?


    • Hi Chad,

      First, thanks for your purchase and were glad you had positive results. That is a hard question to answer but it probably was that you purchased a knockoff copy and not the original Kai Kit Wan. There are a variety of similar looking Kai Kit Wan being sold that are not the real deal. We have been selling the same original Kai Kit Wan for 25 years so we know ours is legitimate and that it works, thanks for the question.

  6. on the website of kai kit wan it states that the pills reduce prostate size is this right or wrong if the pills do not then can you surgest a suplement that will

    • Hi Richard,

      The Kai Kit Wan is better suited for prostatitis and does not reduce prostate size very much. The correct pill is called Jie Jie Wan pills when translated means dispel prostate swelling pill. It also goes by the name Kai Kit not to be confused with Kai Kit Wan, they are totally different pills.That formula will do what you need.

      Dr. Nick

  7. I have had prostate problems for 20 years I am 62 I have had 8 bottles of kai kit wan over a month now but no change as yet can I take anything else with them

    • You should combine the Kai Kit Wan with a good Kidney Yang formula like Jin Kui or Ge Jie, what dosage per day of Kai Kit Wan are you taking?

      • I take 6 pills 3 times per day. I have orderd some jin Kui can I take them together. Do you take the pills with food or does it matter. I also take tamsulosin is that ok. Tank you the help

        • Yes take the Jin Kui together, both formulas should be taken without food and with the stomach as empty as possible, also take with hot tea or warm water if possible, if not make sure the water is at least at room temperature and not cold. You might need to take the Ge Jie formula also if you do not feel better. If your prostate is enlarged or you have difficulty urinating then take the Tamsulosin. There are a lot of natural supplements to reduce the size of the prostate you might want to look into those if you suffer from BPH or it’s symptoms.

  8. Thanks for the article, and making the kai kit wan available, it sure did the trick after years of suffering, it did take a few extra bottles but it worked thats the most important thing. No more burning or pain when I urinate, thanks again.


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