8 Tips On How To Use Pi Yen Chin Opthalmic Eye Drops

Pi Yen Chin Opthalmic eye drops are possibly the best over the counter eye drops you can purchase. But if you do not know how to use the Pi Yen Chin Opthalmic eye drops you are wasting your money. We have 8 tips on how to use Pi Yen Chin Opthalmic Eye Drops.

Pi Yen Chin Instructions

Below are the 8 tips on proper use:

1) Wash your hands.
2) Tilt your head back and make a pouch by pulling out the lower lid.
3) Place the eye drop into the pouch.
4) You can lie down if you have difficulty making a pouch.
5) To prevent drainage of the drug into the nose, hold your index finger next to the inner corner of your eye for about 5 minutes.

6) Close your eye to spread the medicine across the surface and prevent drainage due to blinking.
7) Allow about 5 minutes between two drops to the same eye to prevent overwhelming the volume capacity of the eye.
Do not touch the dropper with your fingers or to your eye or any other surface.
8) Eye drops should be used 30 minutes before putting in contact lenses or remove lenses before administration.

A number of studies have investigated the proper technique for the
administration of eye drops to the front of the eye. Proper technique has been defined as placement of the drop on the corneal/conjunctival surface or in the lower conjunctival sac (as pictured above). The patient should then close the treated eye for about 5 minutes to allow drug absorption.

There is some controversy about this point in the literature because the open eye has a larger capacity for liquid; however, closing the eye spreads the drug solution over a larger surface and prevents the patient from blinking, which can force the drug solution out of the eye through the lacrimal duct. In addition the patient should occlude the lacrimal duct by gently placing the index finger at the medial corner of the eye.

This practice prevents loss of the medication into the nasopharynx and the possibility of systemic side effects. Doses to the same eye should be separated by at least 5 minutes since two drops will exceed the volume capacity of the eye. To prevent microbial contamination of the product, the patient should wash his/her hands before use and the tip of the dropper should not make contact with the patient’s fingers or eyes. A study of the effect of technique on absorption into the anterior chamber found that 5 minutes of eyelid closure or nasolacrimal occlusion increased the peak fluorescein concentration in the anterior chamber by 69% and 46% respectively. This same group found that timolol plasma concentrations were significantly reduced by 5 minutes of nasolacrimal occlusion and eyelid closure.

In a second study, 3 minutes of nasolacrimal occlusion significantly increased the effect of timolol on intraocular pressure in healthy volunteers. A recent study found no effect of 1–3minutes of eyelid closure on the intraocular pressure lowering effect of topically applied prostaglandins. Common errors in patient administration technique include failure to wash hands, improper placement of drops and touching the dropper to the eye surface or lid.

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