Choosing Dit Da Jow And Iron Palm

Choosing Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm is important when striking anything repeatedly and with force.Iron palm skills requires proper herbal liniments, because of the amount of stress placed on the muscles and bones from the repeated strikes (traumas) which can cause anything from loss of movement to disfiguring calcium deposits and arthritic conditions.

Getting bruised or spraining a joint in training or around the house requires the proper liniment to heal the traumatized area and to keep the pain and swelling down to a bare minimum.

Why choosing a high quality liniment is so important

Because the damage must be removed immediately and the healing process started fast, choosing Iron Palm or Dit Da Jow should not be left up to chance, good intentions or luck, you must use the right liniment for your injury. They also should be applied right away, if you are trying to prevent a injury the liniment or liniments should be applied before and after training.

The liniment one uses after a traumatizing training session should be a proven liniment with the proper blend of herbs to heal or prevent the damage we discussed above.

For anyone training in martial arts or boxing where you have repetitive contact with your hands or legs the Iron Palm formula is the proper formula to choose. Iron Palm will help build up the bones, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue so they are more resistant to injury.

On the other side of the coin if you have already injured one of the above mentioned parts of the body, the Iron Palm will help with the healing.
Choosing Dit Da Jow And Iron Palm|Iron Palm Kit
If you are involved in a martial art or contact sport where you get bumps and bruises or contusions and sprains then the Dit Da Jow is the right liniment o choose.
Choosing Dit Da Jow And Iron Palm |Dit Da Jow Liniment Kit
Those who have purchased our Iron Palm and Dit Da Jow kits will notice the liniment in your large glass jar will always have herbal sediment at the bottom of the jar. That is very important for the strength and potency of your Dit Da Jow or Iron Palm liniment.

Generally when you buy a pre-made liniment you will never see any sediment of any kind at the bottom of the bottle. Not having herbal sediment is like making a cup of tea and soaking the tea bag for a instant then drinking the tea, it will taste like water an extremely weak cup of tea. But take the teabag and put it in your mouth and take a big bite, whoa very strong taste.

Dit Da Jow

Look at this very powerful Dit Da Jow with the sediment in a one gallon jar


The herbal sediment is exactly the same. Soaking is extremely important for the potency and in extreme emergencies that sediment can be used as a very powerful poultice on a bad injury to speed up the healing.

Liniments that are sold pre-made are generally in plastic bottles. If you have read any of my articles on Dit Da Jow or Iron Palm or other articles regarding Chinese Medicine you know the plastic does not react well with the herbs and the alcohol, the plastic compounds literally leech out into the liniment, making it worthless and sometimes dangerous.

Besides no sediment which makes it weaker and then packaged in plastic, it really becomes a bad choice for your purchase, because after all we are dealing with the health and condition of your hands and other body parts that are traumatized in training.

It would be wise in the long run to make your own kit that you have total control of from start to finish. You will have a stronger liniment and that is of course the longer the liniment is soaking in the herbal sediment the stronger and more concentrated it becomes.

With our kits you have full control on the preparation process and will have one of the strongest liniments you can purchase online in as little than four weeks.

Choosing Dit Da Jow And Iron Palm

Purchase the Dit Da Jow for bruises, contusions, sprains and any trauma related injury. Purchase the Iron Palm kit if you are striking objects repeatedly like a heavy bag or makawara board. If you train in the art of Iron Palm or Iron Body then choose the Iron Palm kit.

Both the Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm help with pain associated with training or if you suffered a injury. You can purchase both kits and use individually or combine them both together for one super powerful all encompassing healing liniment.

If you practice Stone Hands Training, a great Jow to use is the Tie Ba Zhang Jow or Iron Hand Jow, you can find this kit at this link Stone Hand Training. Stone Hand Training requires diligent practice over several months or possibly a year.