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Heal And Prevent Those Injuries With Our Authentic Herbal Liniment Kits.

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Whether you are involved in Martial Arts training or other activities, suffering a injury is pretty much inevitable.Two important things most people want are:

  1. Treating the injury for fast recovery so I can be pain free and continue my training or activities without discomfort.
  2. Preventing long term health problems in the future like arthritis, acute joint pain or other inflammatory diseases.

Who has not suffered some type of injury either at work, at home or the gym, the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention stated that over 9 million people had a unintentional fall at home in 2011 and that the bathroom was the riskiest room in the house with over 235,00 people over the age of 15 falling in there bathroom and requiring a emergency room visit.

Make Your Own Liniments And Save $$$

If you are not familiar with Dit Da Jow or Iron Palm I will give you a brief explanation on each, for more detailed information click on the links below.

Dit Da Jow

Iron Palm Liniment

Dit Da Jow

Dit Da Jow

Dit Da Jow

Heals bruises,sprains, contusions almost instantly, helps with strengthening the underlying blood vessels so you do not bruise as easily. Helps with pain associated with traumatic type injuries, from getting banged up in the gym to falling off your skateboard or smashing your thumb with a hammer, Dit Da Jow heals fast.

Iron Palm Liniment

Stops pain and strengthens bones, ligaments and sinew. With daily use and proper training one could if they wanted break coconuts and bricks with their hands. But this liniment is not just for the hands it can be applied anywhere you have bone,muscle and ligaments. This liniment is great for helping to recover from bone and ligament type surgery.

Iron Palm Kit

Iron Palm Kit

Use These Liniments Together

Each kit will make over a gallon, up to 144 ounces if your jar is large enough of liniment and can be used in as little as 4 weeks if you follow our instructions. You need just 2 items

  1. Two glass jars at least a gallon or larger in size with a airtight lid.
  2. Vodka, sorry you will not be drinking the Vodka 🙂

With these items you will be able to produce two of the most powerful liniments available on the market today. Depending on your needs you can combine the two liniments together and have a all purpose healing powerhouse at your disposal. Our MMA/BJJ customers combine them both and use after their workouts.

Our Wing Chun customers use the Dit Da Jow after Pak sau and Chi Sau, then use the Iron Palm after Mook Jong (Wooden Dummy) practice. Fall down and hurt your knee use both for fast recovery and pain relief. Having the flexibility on choosing to use individually or together is a great asset to have at your fingertips.

Order your Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm kits Right nowWe are able to ship these kits to most countries.

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Before you take advantage of this great offer please read below

Please Read:Very Important!

All our herbs in both kits are chemical and pesticide free, they are also handled with the utmost care and respect and are kept refrigerated to maintain freshness and to eliminate bugs. Nothing worse than opening your kits and have something crawl out into your home.

We make all the kits fresh per order, unlike other suppliers who pre-make the kits which are sitting around losing potency and subject to insect infestation, ours are freshly prepared before they are sipped. In addition, our kits are larger than most kits you find online and are quite powerful, it might surprise you on how effective they are once you start to use them..

You are guaranteed the freshest kit upon arrival to your home.
After you place your order keep a eye open for a email from us confirming your order and letting you know what items you need to prepare your kits upon receipt. As mentioned previously once your order is received we will make your kits fresh and ship them out via Priority mail, if you paid with Paypalyou will also receive a email from Paypal with the tracking information and confirmation that your package was shipped.

Please Read Below:

  • No Synthetic Herbs-We do not use synthetic camphor like most companies or other synthetic products
  • All Our Kits Are made Fresh Per Order-No Kits Are Sitting Around Losing Potency
  • All Herbs Are Pesticide, Chemical And Insect Free
  • All Kits Prepared By A Experienced Herbalist, This Is Important
  • These are Authentic Traditional Formulas That Heal Injuries Fast
  • All Our Kits Are Prepared Fresh And Ready For You to Prepare, No Grinding Of Herbs Required
  • Service and Customer Satisfaction are our Number One Priorities, 25 Years in Business Speaks For Itself

Make Sure You Read our FAQ page That Answers Questions You Might Have Frequently Asked Questions About Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm Liniment Kits

Protect Your Bones

One of the most common areas of concern among athletes who participate in activities such as martial arts, football and all running activities is lower leg and shin pain. Shin pain generally has a gradual onset with increased activity levels and if it is not given the appropriate attention and care, it can become a debilitating condition and may become a stress fracture.

A stress fracture is one or a series of microfractures that occur secondary to an increase in repetitive loading and excessive shock being applied to a bone.

Additional information

Weight 40 oz

4 reviews for Dit Da Jow And Iron Palm Kit Special

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great offer and great kits, I was pleasantly surprised with my two kits, you guys over delivered. It has been 4 weeks and I tried both and they work great, thanks for offering and supplying more than the other companies I have tried.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    By far the best dit da jow sold anywhere.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    This by far the best jows and price anywhere! I was apprehensive at first, how can you sell two quality kits for $79.99 and free shipping but I went for it anyway hoping that it would be better than my last kit from one of the more popular dit da jow sites.
    Was I surprised when the kits arrived they are big and very aromatic, you can tell they were made fresh. What I also liked is they were packed in paper and not plastic bags heated up so they can be sealed, good for the environment and good for the jow.
    Two Thumbs up!! This is the place to order your jow.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    These 2 liniments are Amazing!!! I have fibromyalgia, chronic pain, degenerative disk disease, arthritis, & tendinitis. I have dealt with pain for or 20 years & countless pain meds with bad side effects or don’t help. My Sensei shared some of his Dit da Jow he had from the 80’s in NY & it worked. I searched and came across Dr. Nick and he has been so helpful. I ordered these to start in fall of 2016 and can’t imagine life without. I went from taking 2 very strong pain meds daily & still in pain & not able to do things with my young son, to only using meds 1-3 times in a month, if any, only after being too active. My Western Med Docs are very supportive of me using these cause they see the change it has made in giving me my life back.

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