Dit Da Jow Liniment Kit

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Dit Da Jow Liniment

Dit Da Jow Liniment is applied to any trauma injury or bruised area and healing the injured area quickly. This was created by the Shaolin Monk herbalists to help heal injuries sustained in training or combat. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is classified as a liniment that eliminates blood stasis and blood stagnation two conditions that arise from trauma type injuries like contusions, sprains and bruises.
Dit Da Jow Liniment Kit

Dit Da Jow has been used for the following:

    • Bruises


    • Sprains


    • Arthritis


    • Fibromyalgia


    • Poor Circulation


    • Raynauds Symptoms


    • Muscle Pain


    • Shin Splints

Authentic Dit Da Jow Liniment is, a blend of herbs, these herbs are combined together and soaked in a GLASS jar with alcohol, preferably Vodka believe it or not for months or even years. Glass must be used, for ideas on finding the right glass jar see the bottom of this post.

Our kits are made with the finest herbs and are meticulously made fresh per each order received. We prepare the herbs so the kit is ready to prepare upon arrival. Contrary to what you might think or have read, the herbs in a Dit Da Jow liniment must be prepared properly, some need to be ground to a powder, some need to be bruised and some need to be whole.Buying a kit that is all powdered will just make a clump of worthless herbs in a jar, preventing a proper extraction for external use. We take pride in every kit we prepare and make sure each kit arrives to you fresh.

The best way to use Dit Da Jow liniment if you are training in the martial arts is to apply some to the areas of the body that are going to make contact, lets say if your punching a bag or makawari apply some to your hands prior to training like 20 to 30 minutes, then apply some more right after training, just enough to fill your palm should be sufficient. If you are kicking a bag then apply some to your shins and apply enough to cover, the contact area.

For the everyday person who gets injured or bruises easily apply twice a day morning and night on the areas you need. I have found it is best to apply and let air dry instead wiping it with a cloth, this will allow for more of the Dit Da Jow to penetrate the skin and help the healing process.

This formula is the real deal check out why

Some of the reasons why are:


    • No Synthetic Herbs-We do not use synthetic camphor like most companies or other synthetic products


    • All Our Kits Are made Fresh Per Order-No Kits are sitting around losing potency


    • All Herbs Are Pesticide, Chemical And Insect Free


    • All Kits Prepared By A Experienced Herbalist


    • Authentic Traditional Formula Not A Modified Version, This Formula Heals Injuries Fast


    • All Our Kits Are Prepared Fresh And Ready For You to Prepare, No Grinding Of Herbs Required


    • Not One Unsatisfied Customer in 25 Years


    • Our Guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy with your kit when you receive it, return it to us for a prompt refund

Order your Authentic Dit Da Jow Liniment Kit today and we will make it fresh for you and ship it out Priority Mail so you can start making this powerful Jow at home.

Preparing Your Dit Da Jow Liniment

All you need to prepare your Dit Da Jow Liniment is a glass jar with an airtight lid, that is at least a gallon in size and 2-1.75 liter bottles of Vodka or Gin to start. You then add all the herbs in the jar, add the alcohol and that’s the hard part. Seal up your jar or jars if you purchased our Combo Special and shake for a couple of minutes, do this each day for the first 3-4 weeks then shake a minimum of once or twice a week for a minute or two.
After the 3-4 week period you can take a little out and place in a small glass bottle and start using. The big jar as mentioned still gets shaken once or twice a week for a minute or two, over time the Dit Da Jow liniment will get stronger. One question often asked is, what do you do with the herbs in the jar? The answer is that the herbs remain in the jar until you have exhausted all the Dit Da Jow liniment. At that point you can squeeze out the Dit Da Jow liniment from the herbs and throw them away if you wish.

Keep your jars out of the sun in a convenient location. Do not place near a furnace, hot water heater or other locations that throw off excess heat. I usually place my jars in a closet or in a cabinet.

Jar Ideas
Quite a few of our customers really like and recommend the Bormeoli 5 Liter jar on Amazon, click the photo below for more information.

We have more information on our main website, if you would like to go there click HERE.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The finest kit I have found online, I received my kit very fresh, when I opened the package the powerful aroma from the herbs blew me away, very high quality.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Thanks for the excellent service and products, I love your jow, really is powerful.


  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Very professional company, they really know their products and deliver high quality liniments.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    This kit gives you the biggest bang for your buck that I have come across in years of buying dit da jow. When I opened up the package I thought there was 2 kits inside, it was so big, over a pound of really fresh herbs ans I liked the fact they use real authentic Chinese Camphor not the synthetic stuff most places use. Then when I started using it, WOW it works fast. I bruise easy and this dit da heals them fast and I notice I am not bruising as much, so hats off to every body at east meets west for offering such a great product at an affordable price.
    For 40 bucks this is a great deal.

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