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Take Your Hand Conditioning to A New Level

New Feature: Double Layered Front Punching Area

Practice your Iron Palm with our heavy duty Iron Palm training bag. This bag is made in the USA with American made products like the Heavyweight Duck Canvas and the triple stitched Durabonded thread, heavy duty steel zipper. The front punching area is now double layered with canvas to give you years of use.

This bag will hold up to any type of punishment you have to offer, fill with rice, beans, steel shot, whatever you wish and start practicing your iron palm, iron fist, spear finger or whatever you wish to practice and increase your punching power fast.

If you are a beginner to Iron Palm training then start with the bag filled up with long grain rice, apply your Iron Palm Liniment before and after training. Lay the bag on a strong base, from a tree stump to a heavy duty table and start your training.Practice until the rice becomes powder then move up to mung beans and so on and so on.

With the assortment of training exercises that can be performed with this bag you can develop bone crushing power in your hands. If you want to get a great pump in your forearms and fingers toss the bag in the air and catch tiger claw style, the unique round design helps build up your fingers, wrists and forearms and gives a incredible pump.

Important Features Of Our Iron Palm Training Bag

Made in the USA

Double Layered Front Punching Area

American Made Heavyweight 12 oz Duck Canvas

Durabonded thread will not break,triple stitched, stronger than Kevlar thread

Concealed rear steel zipper does not interfere with training

Strong enough for any type of fill, rice, mung bean, gravel, steel shot pellets

Constructed to last a lifetime

Iron Palm Training Bag Iron Palm Training Bag placed on tree stump for training

Iron Palm hand Training Practicing Iron Palm With The Training Bag

Iron Palm Training Conditioning The Back Of The Hand

Iron Palm Conditioning Exercises Iron Palm Conditioning Exercises

Iron Palm Training Techniques Finger Jab Conditioning Exercises

Practicing Punching with Iron Palm Bag Practicing Punching with Iron Palm Bag

Iron Palm Tiger Claw Conditioning The Fingertips With The Iron Palm Bag
Iron Palm Exercise Throwing the bag and catching with Tiger Claw technique

As you can see in the photos, you can condition and strengthen your entire hands, wrists and forearms with a variety of conditioning drills. From developing punching power to hit like a freight train or getting those Popeye like forearms, the Iron Palm Training Bag can help you.

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