Nine Tiger Jow

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Nine Tiger Jow

Nine Tiger Jow is known as Shaolin Jiu Hu Die Da Yao in China and is an ancient liniment used to heal injuries from falls, strikes and sprains as well as the pain associated with them. Applying Nine Tiger Jow also reduces swelling very rapidly by eliminating blood stagnation and stasis at lightning speed.

Nine Tiger Jow

Nine Tiger Jow has the herbal properties of being slightly warm and acrid both conducive for treating fresh injuries and chronic conditions. One of the key features of Nine Tiger Jow is its pain relieving properties. Applying right after an injury helps with acute pain and inflammation rather quickly. By applying on sore or inured areas prior to training helps reduce pain or discomfort when striking, being struck or other types of contact to sensitive areas.

Besides treating injuries, Nine Tiger Jow helps with chronic pain in the joints and tendons and with healing arthritis, tendonitis and other inflammation conditions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) this is classified as a wind and dampness condition.

This formula works on two major actions first it invigorates the blood and removes stasis and it dispels wind and dampness while invigorating the collaterals making this a very comprehensive formula for both the athlete and non athlete.

The Shaolin Monastery had a variety of formulas that were called Shaolin Si Die Da Sun Shang Feng, translated means Shaolin Monastery Fall and Strike Injury Formulas. Shaolin Jiu Hu Die Da Yao was one of the more popular formulas that over the years was used by a variety of Guo Shu (martial arts) and by those highly skilled in martial arts ( Wu Yi Gao Qiang).

Preparing Nine Tiger Jow

This uniquely balanced formula consists of 35 herbs, most being wildcrafted and it is animal free, so no animals are harmed to produce this formula. As with all of our authentic liniment kits Nine Tiger Jow is prepared fresh before shipping. Due to the size of this kit a large glass jar is required, 5 liters being the minimum size recommended, I like a 7 or 8 liter jar for this kit which is approximately 2 gallons. You can use 4 liters of Vodka which is just over a gallon.

Nine Tiger Jow

Nine Tiger Jow in 8 Liter Jar








After adding your Vodka the next important step is shaking your jar often the first 3-4 weeks, this is referred to as Agitation, this is the number one step in preparing a strong jow. While aging is important Agitation is the best way to extract the molecular compounds and constituents from the herbs.















The name Nine Tiger comes from the strength, abundance and power of nine tigers making this one of the most powerful well balanced liniments available for trauma injuries, pain and tendon health.

What This Is Not

This formula is not intended to be used solely as a Iron Palm training liniment, for that our Authentic Iron Palm Liniment, Ku Yu Cheung, Tie Ba Zhang or Black Sand kits would be what you would need. This is for treating trauma type injuries both acute and chronic along with the pain associated with them. This liniment can be used in conjunction with the above mentioned.

What This is

Nine Tiger Jow is the liniment to use for trauma type injuries, acute, chronic tendon and sinew discomfort. This liniment is also an excellent pain reliever both acute and chronic. Nine Tiger Jow uses intense blood invigorating herbs as described in the ancient classic book “Shang Han Lun” ideal for blood stasis(Yu Xue), blood stagnation(Xue Zhi) and stagnant blood (Xue Yu). This formula is contraindicated for people taking blood thinning medicine or if you are pregnant.

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