Prostate Gland Capsule


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Prostate Gland Capsule

Prostate Gland Capsule is a all encompassing  prostate formula that helps with BPH and Prostatitis. Taken daily this formula will help reduce the size of the prostate if it is swollen which causes frequent urination by squeezing the Bladder. This formula will also reduce inflammation in the lower burner which causes Prostatitis symptoms.


Chinese Pin Yin Common Name Latin Name

Ze Lan Bugleweed Herba Lycopi

Che Qian Zi Plantain Seed Semen Plantaginis

Huang Qi Astragalus Root Radix Astragali

Caulis et Folumfici Pumilae

Pu Gong Ying Dandelion Herb Herba Taraxaci

Huang Bai Phellodendron bark Cortex Phellodendri

Liang Tou Jian Radde Anemone Rhizoma Anemones Raddeanae

Hu Po Succinum, Amber Succinus

Oleum Anisi Stellati

Rou Gui Cinnamon Bark Cortex Cinnamomi

Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic Prostatitis is a common problem in men and can occur at any age. It always happen together with urethritis and epididymitis. It is hard to recover and patients experience pain and discomfort. Chinese medical determine that prostate gland inflammation belongs to a section of urinary tract infection. Chinese Medicine believes prostatitis is caused byheat and dampness in the lower burner.

Western medicine believes chronic prostatitis happens because the problem has completely been dealt with in the acute period and the pathogenic bacteria still incubate in the glands. In the development of chronic inflammation, main changes are fibrosis, granuloustes, infiltration and tubular gland obstruction making the result of dysuria.

After years of research, this 100% all natural herbal product has been developed to support the health of the prostate gland and the urinary system helping with BPH and chronic prostatitis.

The dosage is two capsules three times per day with warm to hot water without food.

This formula can be combined with a kidney tonic formula like Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan to speed up the healing process and also help with stopping a recurrence of your symptoms.

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