Prostatitis Combo Formula

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Prostatitis Combo Formula

What you receive is 6 boxes of Kai Kit Wan and 4 boxes of Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan. This combination is the solution for relief from Prostatitis.
This is a one months supply if taken as directed.

This fantastic combination, gets to the root of Prostatitis problems, taken as directed you will see results fast!

A prostatitis cure that has been around for centuries based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and used successfully in China is available in other parts of the world as well, unfortunately nobody knows about it.

This particular prostatitis cure uses a all natural herbal approach without any antibiotics like Cipro. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes prostatitis is not necessarily a bacterial infection but a blockage of Qi in the lower burner.

There have been countless reported cases of patients feeling better after taking antibiotics like Cipro but afterwards the prostatitis symptoms return with a vengeance with even more discomfort.

TCM feels the blockage is due to damp heat in the lower burner which causes a barrier preventing Qi and blood to flow smoothly, this barrier takes on a almost phlegm like consistency making it almost impenetrable. When Qi is blocked then pain and discomfort occur, this is generally called blood stagnation, since we are talking about prostatitis then the location is in the lower burner.

This damp heat and blood stagnation causes pain in the testicles, difficulty or pain when urinating, painful ejaculation and in some cases lower back or abdominal pain. For men who have or had prostatitis you know how painful it is.

Prostatitis Cure

Chinese Herbal doctors believe this barrier can only be penetrated by its removal. Damp heat can be removed by using specific herbs in a concentrated form and at the same time combine that with herbs to move the blood thus eliminating the blood stagnation, when the blood can flow freely so can Qi.

The key to a successful prostatitis cure is to remove all the symptoms we mentioned above so you are pain and discomfort free. Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors believe taking the right combination of herbs at the right time of day and eliminating certain foods that create the heat and dampness will restore a pain and symptom free environment.

Some of those herbs are as follows:

Vaccaria Seqetalis

Paeonia suffruticusa

Paeonia Veitchii Lynch

Astragalus Membranaceues

Patrina Villoea

By combining these and other herbs herbs in a concentrated form we can begin the removal of the damp heat and blood stagnation. Since it can be difficult to prepare the herbs properly a pill formula was created and classified as a Chinese herbal patent formula, this formula is called Qian Lie Xian Wan or in English it can be translated to “Prostate Gland Pill” or “Prostate Chee Pills”.

To make it even easier to pronounce the leading manufacturer of this formula named it Kai Kit Wan. This Chinese prostatitis cure is not a *FDA approved product nor is it made by pharmaceutical company but it has helped hundreds of thousands of men with prostatitis symptoms.

What is also important to mention is that the Prostate Gland Pill has no side effects or contraindications, this is a completely safe and natural herbal supplement.

As with any natural product you wish to use, it is advisable to consult with your health care professional before taking.

The Prostate Gland pills come 90 BB sized pills to a bottle and the dosage is 6 pills 3x per day so each bottle lasts 5 days. They work best with water at room temperature or warmer even hot if you wish, maybe with a green tea.

One thing you might notice right away when taking is release of pressure in the body, that is how it is described by many men who have taken it. It is like a big weight lifted off your shoulders as the pain and discomfort diminish.

Any prostatitis cure involves not consuming certain foods, it is best to avoid all hot and spicy foods and foods with a high acidic content like tomato sauces and marinara. All shellfish should be avoided and coffee should be reduced to one cup per day.

We recommend drinking a good filtered or distilled water and avoiding tap water as much as possible since some municipalities have a high concentration of fluoride and chlorine and other additives that should avoided for any prostatitis cure to be effective.

After all your symptoms have gone or to speed the healing process it is recommended to take herbal formulas that strengthen, balance and fortify the kidney energy. The kidneys are like the gatekeeper for the prostate keeping it functioning properly and protected. We have a special offer further down.


A great combination of two formulas works wonders in eliminating Prostatitis and its symptoms, they are Kai Kit Wan to eliminate the heat and dampness condition and Jin Qui Shen Shi Wan to strengthen and balance the kidney energy. This is a very powerful set of natural herbal medicine with hundreds of years of success.

Without a strong balanced kidney energy you run the risk of the prostatitis returning. The kidneys are the guardians at the gate and protect the prostate and urinary system. Having weak guards cannot protect you. Remember that a strong and balanced kidney energy is key for a healthy prostate, urinary health and proper sexual function.

Both formulas of course are based on TCM and as I mentioned they have a long history of success. Generally one or two months is all that is needed to knock out Prostatitis.

There is more great information on Prostatitis and Chinese Medicine here.

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