Tie Ba Zhang Jow (Iron Hand Jow)

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Tie Ba Zhang Jow (Iron Hand Jow) Liniment Kit

Do you want a liniment kit that can make bruises disappear, heal injuries, strengthen bones and connective tissue?

Do want the strongest All In One Formula Available?

How about a Liniment that energizes your body after it is applied bringing extra Qi to that body part then revitalizing and healing the body after a workout?

Are you a hard training athlete competing in a contact sport?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of The Above Questions

Then You Need Tie Ba Zhang Jow

Tie Ba Zhang Jow is a classic prescription from the Qing Dynasty and attributed to Dr.Ye Tianshi one of the greatest herbalists of his time. Passed down over time this classical prescription consists of 35  wild crafted pesticide free herbs.

This is one of or is the largest liniment kit sold online today, you will need at least a 7L glass jar with an airtight leak proof lid for this kit, it is large!

The unique combination of herbs added together synergistically creates a all encompassing healing liniment and hand conditioner/ energizer, providing you with one of the strongest liniment kits available today.

Each kit is meticulously prepared fresh per order, each herb is properly measured and prepared as it should be for proper extraction. This formula can make 144 ounces of liniment if you have the proper size GLASS jar.

As we do with all of our Authentic Kits we take into consideration the physical stature of the individual of today and not the person from 500 years ago, our body types have changed and require more herbs to achieve proper healing.

Most of the Classic formulas for example might read:

Hong Hua 12g
Mo Yao 9g
Wei Ling 12 G
That was fine back in the time period the formula was created but today would not be strong enough for us so we add more herbs and it would look something like this from us:

Hong Hua 28g
Mo Yao 30g
Wei Ling 32g
We increase the dosage of each herb to meet the needs of the individual of today that is the key to insure maximum healing and injury prevention. Your getting over Two Pounds Of Herbs in each kit, pretty mind blowing, but that’s nothing compared to how strong this Jow is.

If you are a serious Martial Artist or are a MMA fighter then this is for you. You train hard, you punch and kick hard, you then need a liniment to help you heal fast and most important prevent future injuries. If you train Iron Palm then this formula will help condition your hands and prevent future hand injuries.

If you are not involved in a heavy contact sport, then you do not need Tie Ba Zhang. The Authentic Dit Da Jow or Iron Palm kit is more than sufficient, but if you are out there training 5-6 days a week real hard then this formula will be of tremendous benefit.

Are you rolling on the mat practicing Jiu Jitsu then training Muay Thai or Boxing? If you answered yes then Tie Ba Zhang is the perfect liniment to apply after a tough workout.

Are you a Iron Hand practitioner but also like to train in Mixed Martial Arts? Then as mentioned above Tie Ba Zhang should be added to enhance your recovery

The Tie Ba Zhang will be ready to use in 4 weeks if you follow our instructions that are included with each kit. Before each workout apply the liniment to your hands, legs, arms and do the same after, you do not need a lot but after it is applied you can feel the energy flow which is called Qi.

The Qi flow is what gives you energy and promotes healing, and Tie Ba Zhang Jow activates the Qi flow like nothing else, you kind of feel your fingers tingling after you apply it. This formula can be used hot or cold.

What Will Tie Ba Zhang Jow Do For Me?

Heal Bruises and Contusions Fast

Strengthen Bones and Connective Tissue

Heal Sore and Pulled Muscles

Speed Up Recovery of Sprained Joints

Reduce Pain Caused By Trauma Type Injuries

Improve Muscle Elasticity From Stretching

Can Be Used For Intense Iron Hand Training

Shortens Recovery Time If You Are Injured

You can purchase individual Authentic Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm Kits and mix them together, it works and offers great flexibility in use. But if you want something a little more powerful that offers the best of both worlds then the Tie Ba Zhang Jow is what you are looking for.

Since this is a very large kit, packaged in two packets, you will need a large glass jar like 2 gallons or 7-8 liters in size. Please allow us 2-3 days to ship out your order after it is received, this formula takes time to prepare. When the kit arrives to your home it is ready to go, you do not have to do anything to it but add it into a GLASS jar and then add Vodka.

If an all in one Dit Da Jow or Iron Palm liniment kit is not desired you can purchase either one individually.
Dit Da Jow
Iron Palm Kit

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3 reviews for Tie Ba Zhang Jow (Iron Hand Jow)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This jow kicks ass, I can’t believe how big it was, glad I used a big jar, thanks for providing a kick ass product.

    Paul M.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert L

    I have participated and taught Martial Arts for over twenty years and Tie Ba Zhang Jow is the best all purpose jow that I have ever used. I enjoy conditioning training to include doing palm/elbow and knife hand breaks. This jow is great for the preparatory process prior to the break and taking away the pain/bruising/swelling after the break. After all the years of iron hand/body conditioning you would think the pain/sting from breaking goes away, but that is not the case. I still love it and keep coming back for more because Dr. Nick/EMW provides me with a quality product that keeps my body and limbs healthy from such hardcore training. I wish that I would have known about Dr. Nick and his jows several years ago. Keep up the great work Dr. Nick!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Holy Shit!!! this is one kick ass kit, had it about 3 months and using for everything, iron fist, iron body and all kinds of contact training and tie ba zhang is saving my ass, no matter how beat up I get this liniment just heals everything pronto. I need another kit to have brewing so once I get another big jar I am ordering, just wanted to let you know you have a very happy customer.

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