Wing Chun Dit Da Jow

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Wing Chun Dit Da Jow

Wing Chun Dit Da Jow is a powerful liniment that has similar healing properties as the conventional Dit Da Jow we sell but it’s herbal formulation is more warm to hot in herbal properties. Wing Chun Dit Da Jow is a Pre and Post training liniment, which we will discuss below.

Each kit will make up to 128 ounces of liniment if your glass jar is large enough. Instructions are at the end of this post

Wing Chun Dit Da Jow


Wing Chun Dit Da Jow

The lineage of this recipe is reputed to be from Chan Wah-Shun and then Ng Jung So. Chan Wah-Shun nicknamed the “Moneychanger” was a very powerful man and one of the best fighters trained by Leung Jan who could be the best Wing Chun Fighter of all time. Chan Wah-Shun’s last student was Yip Man “The Grandmaster”

If you have heard the term Hot Jow then this would fall into that category. For some this formula will give a very warm sensation and for others it will not, since sensitivity levels very from individual to individual.

Wing Chun Dit Da Jow warms up and brings energy to the area it is applied to, increasing the movement of Qi so there is less opportunity for bruises and contusions to occur when practicing contact drills like two partner Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma and one utilizing Lien Wan Chui* and the other partner Pak Sao.

Practicing on the wooden dummy Muk Yan Jong to learn the concepts of Wing Chun can cause your arms, hands and legs to take a beating. Wing Chun Dit Da Jow applied prior to working on the Muk Yan Jong will enhance your workout and help prevent serious bruising afterwards.

Practicing Dan Chi Sao and Luk Sao then advancing to Seung Chi Sao really takes a toll on ones forearms, wrists,etc, especially when first starting out.

Applying Wing Chun Dit Da Jow after before and after these exercises helps to prevent serious bruising and to toughen up the area. With constant application and practice your bruising and pain slowly disappear.

Since this formula is a warm to hot formula and it promotes the movement of Qi it is ideal for situations that require a lot of circulation, and blood flow like the contact drills in Wing Chun.

These drills are constantly challenging the skin, bone, muscles and connective tissues of the hand, arms and legs to become tougher and stronger while at the same time keeping the acupuncture points in the hand open so energy can flow through the hand into the target.

When To Be Used

This formula should be used prior to any type contact training. After training it should also be applied to areas involved in contact.

When Not To Use

This formula is not to be used after a serious injury that has swelling. Due to the warm to hot nature of this formula you will create more swelling if applied immediately after a injury that has caused swelling. It would be best to use conventional Dit Da Jow since the herbal properties are closer to neutral.

After 48 hours or after the swelling has subsided you can apply the Wing Chun Dit Da Jow without problems.

*All Terms are in Cantonese and will very on your particular style of Wing Chun.

Wing Chun Dit Da Jow Instructions

                                     External Use Only!

Place all of the herbs in a glass jar one gallon (3.78L) or larger, make sure your cap or lid is airtight when sealed. Add one 1.75 liter bottle of Vodka and seal up the jar. For 7 days shake your jar twice daily for at least 2 minutes each time.

After 7 days you have two options:

First option- If you have another jar that can hold around 48 ounces or 1.5 liters then pour the liquid from big jar into the smaller jar and fill it up as much as you can, just the liquid no herbs tighten your lid or cap and place the jar in a dark cool location. Now add your second 1.75 liter bottle of Vodka into the big jar with the herbs and repeat what you did in the first paragraph. After seven days add the contents from the smaller jar into the larger jar that contains the herbs. This option saves about one week of brewing time so you can use in 3 weeks if you need to use sooner.

Option Two- Add your second 1.75 liter bottle of vodka into the jar, just leave about a 1-2 inch space at the top to allow movement of the herbs when shaking, of course if you are using a large jar you will have more than 1-2 inches of space which is fine.

The following steps are to be followed for either option one or two:

Tighten your lid or cap on the jar and with a magic marker make a small line at the current level of your liniment, store the jar in a cool/dry place, shaking twice daily a couple of minutes each time for at least 4 weeks (3 weeks if you follow option one). In a couple of days you might notice the level of the liniment has gone down a little, that is because the herbs absorbed more of the alcohol from when you started, you can add more alcohol back to your initial level if you wish.

After 4 weeks (3 weeks if you follow option one) you can pour some liniment into a smaller glass jar for daily use. Depending on the size of your glass jar, you can use up to 128 ounces of alcohol for each kit. Shaking your jar daily for a couple of minutes will really speed up the extraction process and it is a good idea after 4 weeks to shake once or twice a week for about a minute if possible. Apply as needed to help with bruises, sore muscles and pain. Do not use on deep cuts or severely broken skin. Do Not Drink!

                                 External Use Only!

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Weight 25 oz

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was looking for a jow that would help with my Wing Chun training both before and after and this jow fit the bill perfectly. First, this kit is big and when you unwrap it you can tell it is strong by the incredible aroma. After brewing it for 4 weeks I started using it and you can feel the energy, it has a nice warmth to it and noticed immediate improvement in my sticking hands and dummy workouts, I highly recommend this kit!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    First thank you for offering a real authentic Wing Chun liniment that does what it is supposed to. This kit is big and powerful and I was sort of surprised at how heavy the kit was, it really is packed with a lot of he rbs. But the most important thing is that it works and helps me recover fast from training. I can train harder not worrying about getting beat up physically since I know this jow will do its job. One minor complaint I think you should insist on someone purchasing this that they use a big jar like 169oz which is around 5 liters and not use a one gallon jar, this kit is so big that the smaller jar does not allow you to use enough alcohol, I ended up switching over to the bigger jar. Other than that is is a 5 star kit.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    There are liniments and then there is Wing Chun Dit Da Jow. This is a real powerful Jow that is great for hitting the wooden dummy hard without pain and also for healing up those bruises from sparring. This is so much bigger and stronger than other Jows I have bought in the past, I wish I knew about you guys before. So to all my Wing Chun brothers and sisters buy this Jow, you will not be sorry.

  4. Dit Da Jow

    Thanks Mark for the kind words. Like I mentioned to another customer who said similar things as you, the Wing Chun Dit Da Jow goes under the radar but it is a real kick ass liniment. It is great for any hard contact training no matter what martial art or sport you practice.

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